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At Freedom Inc, we strive to serve our community to educate financially and provide superior customer service at the right price.

Business Credit

We will help you ESTABLISH and BUILD business credit so you can qualify for business funding in your business’ name, separate from your personal credit!

Consumer Financing

A complete point-of-sale financing solution for merchants. Offer your customers easy and affordable loan options with flexible terms and competitive rates.

Tax Services

Our expert team offers fast and accurate tax preparation services, with competitive pricing, superior customer service and personalized attention to detail.

Personal Credit

myNovaeDisputes' Artificial Intelligence knows which accounts are hurting your credit and helps you create powerful disputes to remove them.

Personal Loans

We’ve brought many of the best loan providers to one place to help you quickly and easily secure the funds you need.

Start a Business

Free of cost, comprehensive and hassle-free business entity formation services for all types of businesses.

Chat with an Expert

Book a one-on-one phone or zoom meeting to discuss your financial situation and what we can do to help you open new financial opportunities.

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